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Product Review: Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner

Product Review: Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner

Over the last few months I have been trying to green my beauty routine.  This included purchasing a conditioner called Happy Happy Joy Joy (you can find it at  The last time I visited LUSH I asked one of their staff for a conditioner recommendation for my hair type: long, oily, fine, lots of hair.  She suggested Happy Happy Joy Joy, their new conditioner.

The Product

HHJJ is a vegan conditioner that contains ingredients such as rose water, almond milk, and orange blossom water.  LUSH is known for creating products with little to no preservatives.  It is advertised as a light conditioner for all hair types including processed and color treated.  The conditioner is perfumed and leaves your hair smelling rosy the entire day.  It is sold in the following sizes: 3.3 oz ($12.95), 8.8 oz ($24.95), and 16.9 oz ($39.95).

The Results

This conditioner left my hair feeling soft.  It is definitely perfumed as the makers suggest.  When I smelled the scent in the store I liked it; however, I learned that I do not like it enough to be on my hair for an entire day.  I like the rose scent, but I wouldn’t say I love it (although the aroma grew on me over time).  While the consistency definitely seems lighter than most conditioners, I found that if I did not take extra care to wash it out completely it left my hair flat.  This is a huge issue for me, having fine hair.  Overall I would rate this conditioner a 3 out of 5.  If I can get it rinsed out enough I rate it a 4, but it seems like I have to rinse it much longer than other conditioners I have used.  This may work better for other hair types that do not get weighed down as easily.  If you really enjoy a rose fragrance you will love this in your hair all day.  I may repurchase this in the future but will likely try another conditioner first.  Hope this is helpful!

As always I purchased this myself and I am not affiliated with the brand in any way, just wanted to pass along my experience with it for those considering giving it a try.  Please leave a comment below if you have used it with your results and hair type.  Thanks for reading!

Organix Hair Mask Review

Organix Hair Mask Review

I had been in the market for a new hair mask last fall, and was planning on trying the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque on my next trip to Ulta.  While I was at Walgreens one day picking up a few random things, the Organix Macadamia Oil Intensive Moisture Mask caught my eye.

The Brand

Organix is a brand that boasts of sulfate free, paraben free, glutten free products for your hair and body.  These products are not tested on animals, but do contain some animal by-products such as egg white proteins and naturally extracted silk.  These features were incredibly attractive to me, as was the price.  I picked up an 8oz container for only $7.99, compared to an 8.5oz container of the Macadamia brand mask for $33.00.

The Results

I have long, oily, fine hair and I have a lot of it.  My hair is not color treated or heavily heat treated.  The hair mask smells great and it left my hair feeling incredibly soft and silky without weighing it down.  My hair was not left oily or greasy after use.  Those are the main issues for me when it comes to hair products due to my hair type: does it weigh my hair down leaving it limp and lifeless, and does it leave my hair looking greasy?

organix argan maskI was so please with this mask that I eventually purchased the Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Intense Moisturizing Treatment mask (also $7.99 for 8oz).  I love this product as well.  I have been using these for months now and they work great and are so much cheaper than high end masks.   And above all that they are free of some nasty chemicals and do not test on animals.  Additionally they are safe to use on color treated hair.  I highly recommend this brand and am eager to use more of their products in the future.  I cannot say if it works as well or better than the Macadamia brand masks as I have not used them; however, at this point I am pleased with the results of the Organix products and currently have no plan to purchase the Macadamia brand mask.  Bonus: last I checked Walgreens was offering Organix products buy one get one half off!

Have you tried Organix or Macadamia products?  Let me know how they worked for you and your hair type in the comments below.  Please note I am not affiliated in any way with the brands or stores mentioned.  I purchased these products with my own money.  I just want to pass on my experience with great, natural products at an affordable price.  The information on Organix was obtained from their website

Thanks for reading!
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Becoming a LUSHie: My Pursuit of Natural Hair & Skin Care


Lush (Photo credit: Pip)

The more I learn about the harsh chemicals in everything from food to shampoo, I’m tempted to move to a commune.  I’m not entirely joking.  We could raise grass fed animals, use natural ingredients for homemade products, and reduce our carbon footprints.  This is not a “scare blog” that is going to list how toxic and terrible everything is, causing you to run away to live in a cave.  Rather I want to highlight a brand I discovered last year and have loved using based both on how the products work and what the company stands for.   That company is LUSH.

Lush Cosmetics, or LUSH, is a UK-born company that makes products for hair, skin, and bath.  While that is nothing special, what the company stands for is: making safe and effective products that are truly natural and organic.  You don’t have to worry about their products being overly processed, genetically modified, or filled with enough preservatives to keep them good until the next millennium.  They care about the impact their company has on the environment and those who work to collect the material they use in their products, also known as ethical sourcing.  They care about animals, too.  LUSH does not test their products on animals, and they will not purchase any products from suppliers that test on animals.  Not only does the company believe in these things, they campaign for them.  They only use vegetarian ingredients, and many of their products are vegan.  As I got to know more about LUSH, the skeptic in me thought this sounded too good to be true.  I wanted to know what the downside was.

One aspect of the company some may see as a negative is their policy against unnecessary packaging.  While this has the environment in mind, some consumers may find it to be a bit of a turn off.  For example, when an item is packaged minimally there is higher risk of it breaking or getting damaged.  This does happen from time to time, especially since some of their products are more fragile.  For people who are environmentally conscious, this likely will not be a deterrent.  Another potential drawback, and perhaps the biggest one, is the cost of the product to the consumer.

While I wish I could tell you that their products are just as cheap as any you would find at Wal-Mart, I cannot.  Due to the ethical standards they uphold, their ingredients are more expensive than most anything you would find at the drugstore.  But why shouldn’t it be?  Doesn’t it make sense that this type of business model would create an increase in cost both to the business and the consumer?  I would rather spend more money on products I can feel good about than on a name brand department store product that is loaded with questionable ingredients made by a company apathetic toward their effect on the world.   LUSH products range anywhere from $1.95 to $89.95 (and higher for certain gift boxes).  Many of their products are affordable, and they have something for every age, gender, skin type, and hair type.

Just to be clear, I do not work for LUSH, am not affiliated with LUSH in anyway, nor do I receive any compensation whatsoever for writing this.  I’m just a die-hard LUSHie (i.e. consistent consumer of LUSH products that loves and raves about them, or as likes to describe us-“obsessed”) who wants to spread the word about their products.  The goods I have tried from there have had amazing results for my skin and hair, and I can use them in good conscience.

What do you think?  Leave a comment letting me know if you are pro natural/truly organic ingredients or if you think non-organic products are just fine (or if you are a fellow LUSHie!).  Interested in learning more about LUSH products, the company, and where you can find a LUSH near you?  Visit  Thanks for reading.

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