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Inglot VIP Beauty Blogger Event!

Inglot VIP Beauty Blogger Event!

Please check out my dear friend Zenorah’s blog, she’s amazing!


A week ago I was invited to a VIP Beauty Blogger event at Inglot located at Downtown Toronto Yonge & Dundas and I had the most amazing time! If you are familiar with my blog then you would know that almost two years ago I blogged about my 20 Pan Palette that my sister created (with their Freedom System) while on vacation in the US (I have 3 Freedom System Eye shadow palettes in total).

coloresdecarol2jordanliberty 300

I consider the Inglot location at Yonge & Dundas a sweet gem for all beauty lovers – you’ll probably walk out with either several products in hand (due to the AMAZING customer service, or you will make a mental note of things to purchase on your next visit!). A little background information for those new to the Inglot brand, it is a Polish brand created by a Polish chemist named Wojciech Inglot. The motto of…

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I love life. In this world there are so many dark, scary, & depressing things around us. I prefer to focus on the good and benevolent: spirituality, self-exploration and growth, a healthy lifestyle, learning, people, travel, food, music, and all things beautiful. We all have an impact on the world around us. Let’s make it an excellent one, and may it be contagious.

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  1. kimberley buckton

    Entering the contest… Nude Dude 😀

  2. Angela Landskron

    Nude Dude! Hope you will be posting more on your blog soon!

  3. Nude Dude!! My YouTube is hanhtnguyen4 and my instagram is @hhhnp12


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